If you had opportunity to pen your last words before death, what would they say?  If you found yourself alone and abandoned, how would you feel?  If an extremely unfair and unjust situation jolted your life, how would you respond?  And if what you believe was now being put to the test, what would be the outcome?


Welcome to the Apostle Paul’s world as he shares insight and counsel to us in the wake of impending death.  This brief letter supplies the instruction we need as we live life in a broken, unjust world where living out one’s faith is becoming increasingly difficult.  Perhaps unknowingly, the influx of discouragement and delusion may even be subtly eroding your commitment to Christ!


Join us for this timely word as we journey forward in a new year filled with many opportunities to shine our light into a darkened world.  Listen in as this central challenge is heralded: Stand strong and stay faithful in the gospel!  God has prepared us for such a moment as this in our nation’s history!


01/31/2016 - That's What I Need to Hear

02/07/2016 - Reflections

02/14/2016 - How Embarrassing!

02/21/2016 - Let's Finish This

02/28/2016 - Get Off The Couch

03/06/2016 - A Timely Word

03/20/2016 - Endorsed By

04/03/2016 - Do You Have It?

04/10/2016 - The End Is Near

05/01/2016 - A Disturbing Profile (Part 1)

05/08/2016 - A Disturbing Profile (Part 2)

05/15/2016 - A Disturbing Profilte (Part 3)

05/22/2016 - It's A Long Haul (Part 1)

05/29/2016 - It's A Long Haul (Part 2)

06/05/2016 - The Bible - Is It Enough?

06/12/2016 - Let's Finish This

06/26/2016 - Friends and Foes

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