April 5, 2020
A Very Cloudy Day (Video) 
    Sermon Note
Job 3:1-26

When we plug our point of view into the unlimited access of social media, we suddenly have numerous platforms to share with anyone who drops by. Unfortunately, there often exists a serious flaw since it attempts to make sense of life solely by what is experienced. After all, are we not to rely upon our senses of touch, smell, hear, see and taste?

Pastor Jim

March 29, 2020
A Bud or a Dud? (Video) 
    Sermon Note
Job 2:11-13

True friends are those who enter when the whole world exits.  Who would consider you a genuine friend?  Do you stick closer than a brother to others?

Pastor Jim

March 22, 2020
When Life Seems Upside Down (Video)
    Sermon Note
Job 2:1-10

Life happens and when it does, sometimes the one thing out of your control seems to exercise the ultimate control over you. Many simply want to be in control. It makes life easier for us, so we think. After all, our way is the best way, right?

Pastor Jim

March 15, 2020
A Day Unlike Any Other
    Sermon Note
Job 1:6-22

Life is not always what it appears nor does it always stay in the same condition. Life happens so the pieces continually shift. None of us live in a vacuum but in changing circumstances with differing individuals and diverse opinions.

Pastor Jim

March 8, 2020
I'd Like to Introduce You To...
    Sermon Note
Job 1:1-5

We can easily become creatures of habit as we go through the motions of life. The same can be true with the Bible. We need to be ever so careful of approaching scripture robotically or mechanically or with our mind already convinced of what it says before we even read what it says.

Pastor Jim

March 1, 2020
Look Closer (Part 2)
    Sermon Note

We can easily become creatures of habit as we go through the motions of life. The same can be true with the Bible. We need to be ever so careful of approaching scripture robotically or mechanically or with our mind already convinced of what it says before we even read what it says.

Pastor Jim

February 23, 2020
Look Closer (Part 1)
    Sermon Note

Located just before the well-known Psalms, this Book and the main character tend to attract much attention from believers. The saga he endures and the great trial that afflicts him grabs our attention and tugs at our emotions. Justice and injustice ricochet in our minds as we attempt to make some sense of the horrific ordeal which captures Job in the opening verses before the curtain barely rises and we’ve scarcely had time to find a seat.

Pastor Jim

February 16, 2020
The Faith of a Child
Mark 10:13-19

Words mean little but actions mean a lot. While it is easy to say we have faith, actions often seem to indicate otherwise for the actions confirm and even validate words. The spoken word can be misleading if there is no conviction, belief or faith present. So what does it take to truly believe in Christ - to truly possess salvation? In the gospel of Mark, Christ tells us that we must have a child like faith. The content of the gospel if simple to understand but truly difficult to believe. The purpose of this sermon will be to examine exactly what faith in Christ is and will serve as a great complement to the current series in Ephesians.

Pastor Bob

February 9, 2020
No Guesswork Needed
    Sermon Note
Ephesians 2:8-9

What ultimately unites and yet divides everyone living on this earth is salvation in Jesus Christ. This is why you had better make sure you understand and grasp salvation, lest you find yourself before a great God one day and He declares to you: “I never knew you. Depart from me!”

Pastor Jim

February 2, 2020
An Unbelievable Event
    Sermon Note
Ephesians 2:8a

What ultimately unites and yet divides everyone living on this earth is salvation in Jesus Christ. At the end of time, when believers and unbelievers are separated, salvation alone will be the chief and only barometer. Everything else falls by the wayside.

Pastor Jim

January 26, 2020
Who's Responsible
    Sermon Note
Acts 8:5-8, 26-40

You can be very sure that God will always do what only He can do. When life seems to be spinning out of control, when circumstances seem to overwhelm, when ends don’t seem to be meeting, He is the One we turn to, He is the One who has it all under control. Yet simply because He is God, simply because He does not need anyone or anything, simply because He knows everything does not grant to you a free pass on life. We must exercise responsibility for our life, even though it is under the watchful care of our all-powerful God.

Pastor Jim

January 19, 2020
Life Is Sacred
    Sermon Note
Proverbs 31:8-9

The second great commandment is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” That it is second certainly increases its significance and prioritizes its challenge. As followers of Christ, one sizeable way we can do so is by showing dignity to humanity

Pastor Jim

January 12, 2020
Clear Focus
    Sermon Note
John 21:15-25

Scripture is Christocentric. Not surprisingly, this closing exchange does not center on the horizontal but the vertical and not upon a son of man but the Son of God. In this final section from this final gospel, what Jesus seeks to impart is essential for all who seek to glorify God with their lives.

Pastor Jim

January 5, 2020
Much More Than A Meal
    Sermon Note
John 21:1-14

Certain phrases can become overused in our horizontal observations of life. One such one is, “That’s amazing!” The word “amazed” occurs eleven times in the gospels and every time, it is directly connected with the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. For truly He alone is amazing.

Pastor Jim

December 29, 2019
Check the Calendar
    Sermon Note
James 4:13-17

Considerations when making plans

Pastor Jim

December 22, 2019
 The Significance of the Announcement
    Sermon Note
Luke 2:8-11

What the angels proclaim changes everything. It wasn't "just" a birth announcement.

Jonathan Lefor



December 8, 2019

 Calm Down
    Sermon Note

Two thousand years ago, the angel declared this message to the shepherds keeping watch over their flock at night: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!” (2:14). This was the promise, but is it possible? Is there any truth in this announcement?

Pastor Jim

December 1, 2019
 A Substantial Faith

Hebrews 11:1-9

Everyone has faith in something, but not everyone has a faith that is life changing or life altering. For those who have placed their trust in the message of the gospel, there is a Rock solid assurance that the object of their trust will provide all we need for a life of fulfillment. But what exactly is faith? The book of Hebrews has a lot to o say about faith and this sermon will hone in on they hallmark chapter to define and describe why faith is so essential..

Pastor Bob

November 24, 2019
 A Different View
    Sermon Notes

John 20:24-31

We can say we have a God-centered perspective and yet how we approach scripture reveals something different as we read into the Bible what we want it to say. We seek to find passages that support our current views. We desire to prove our position and not be reproved of our position. Too often the Bible becomes a book that highlights the works of man and not the work of God in man.

Pastor Jim

November 17, 2019
 Can I Tell You Something?
    Sermon Notes

John 20:19-23

Good news isn’t something that’s meant to keep to ourselves. In a nation where the bad news tends to get the headlines, good news is a welcome addition in our lives. And the very best news we could ever receive is out of this world.

Pastor Jim

November 10, 2019
    Sermon Notes

John 20:11-18

Even if you aren’t looking for trouble, it will find you. Indeed, “sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:34). Depression and discouragement and disillusion abound. Two thousand years ago, in the midst of chaos and confusion on the third day after Jesus has been in the tomb, one particular woman encounters something truly remarkable.

Pastor Jim

October 27, 2019
    Sermon Notes

John 20:1-10

Jesus of Nazareth has been crucified. The disciples go into hiding. All seems lost as evil appears to win. And then something completely incredible occurs. The most unlikely and truly impossible scenario suddenly seems possible.

Pastor Jim

October 20, 2019
 God Never Fails

1 Kings 18:20-40

We live in a world of “fake news” because we live in a world of fake people. Truth is based on popular opinion guided by social media and heresay and thus becomes the basis upon which decisions are made. This results in a world devoid of the wisdom and truth found in God’s Word. This means that as believers in Christ, we will always live in a world of discomfort.

Elijah was in this same position. He was surrounded by a society where the was plenty of fake news with fake people. Social media in this time was heard through the ungodly leadership of Ahab and his leadership who followed the Canaanite god, Baal, who represented prosperity and fetility and was one of the most important gods of that era.

And so, it is appropriate for us to look at this passage in I Kings 18 to understand an important truth about those who oppose God and why God never fails.

Pastor Bob Bolds

October 13, 2019
 The Other St. Nick
    Sermon Notes

John 3, 7, 19

As sure as your entrance into this world was a process – approximately nine months in a womb – so too your entrance into another world is a process. Thankfully, the Author of such a process faithfully commits Himself to it.

Pastor Jim

October 6, 2019
    Sermon Notes

Acts 1:1-8

Time and distraction and busyness can gray our emphasis, skew our mission for the Lord and leave us spinning our wheels so that we’re exerting much energy but getting nowhere fast. In a world of commotion, it certainly is easy to lose aim of the main attraction.

Pastor Jim

September 29, 2019
 Dead is Dead
    Sermon Notes

John 19:31-37

If there is no Christ, there is no Christianity. If there is no crucifixion, there can be no resurrection. Without a resurrection, we are still lost in our sins. Little wonder why critics and skeptics still seek to cast doubt on the basis of our belief.

Pastor Jim

September 22, 2019
 Only Jesus
    Sermon Notes

John 19:28-30

Much clamors for our attention and distracts. One day we finally ask, “Where did my life go?” In a world of distraction, keep Christ as the main attraction. May we fix our gaze on our incredible Savior

Pastor Jim

September 15, 2019
 Care Enough?
    Sermon Notes

John 19:25-28

As we continue the march toward the cross, now we arrive at the cross. What we observe here as we look upon the dying Savior is: A Care Worth Emulating

Pastor Jim

September 8, 2019
    Sermon Notes

John 19:17-24

We’ve all experienced those unforgettable moments that we really wish we could forget and we’re hoping others already have. As finite, short-sighted, fallible, fragmented individuals, we reap what we sow. Not so for the Savior, who was completely undeserving as He took what we deserved upon Himself..

Pastor Jim

September 1, 2019
What Do You Think?
    Sermon Notes

John 19:5-16

Most fear isn’t healthy, especially when that fear is fixated on people. It’ll lead you down detours and through dismal surroundings and into uncertain circumstances. Not surprisingly, the Bible isn’t silent on the matter.

Pastor Jim

August 25, 2019

     Sermon Notes

John 19:1-4

In the midst of our trial or hardship, God has a purpose. He understands. He knows. Even though we may not feel it, He is up to something and that something is for our good. Yet not only does He say He knows, He came to earth and experienced it firsthand.

Pastor Jim

August 18, 2019

     Sermon Notes

John 18:28-40

Wouldn’t it be great if we were always cool as a cucumber? If “relaxed” was our default response no matter the circumstance? Unfortunately, when the storms of life beat down and the circumstances crash in, we often do not always respond properly to life and the resulting fallout is significant.

Pastor Jim

August 11, 2019

     Sermon Notes


Every one of us know someone, perhaps a family member, who suffers from some form of debilitating disease or illness.  How can we minister to these people?  What can we say to them in the face of their adversity?  What do they need to hear when their world comes crashing down around them as the doctor delivers the news?  I would propose to you that what this person needs most is to be pointed to the Creator of the universe.

August 4, 2019

     Sermon Notes

Featured Speaker: Jeff Mallow

July 28, 2019

MARK 4:1-20

Featured Speaker: Jonathon Lefor

July 21, 2019

     Sermon Notes

JOHN 18:25-27

Peter boldly and boisterously follows Jesus but unfortunately, he pivots from this great show of commitment to a response one day that will forever identify him in the march of Jesus to the cross.  His reaction reminds us that it really doesn’t matter who you are.

July 14, 2019

     Sermon Notes

JOHN 18:12-24  

Of all the things we freely share, one rises far above the others – our opinion.  We really love to share our views about whatever as we weigh in with our two cents.  The same is true when we pivot from the earthly to the heavenly and cons

July 7, 2019

     Sermon Notes

JOHN 18:1-11  

A million “why” questions bombard us along the journey of life.  And yet, we can remind ourselves that God is always good all the time – even when it seems like evil is triumphing. As much as we long to be in control, Someone else is

JUNE 30, 2019

     Sermon Notes

JOHN 17:20-26 

Things constantly change no matter how long they stay the same,  Life and all its advantages are only always temporary.  Not so with God.  All that accrues with  us when we enter into a relationship with Him is eternal.  Unlike the here and now, in Christ it's a here and now, and a later and forever. 


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