Counseling Services

Counseling Services


Life is hard.  All of us struggle.  We all experience frustrations, defeats and stresses that can darken our outlook on life.  At Fellowship, we believe the Bible has the answers for the issues of life.  The God of all creation knows everything about us and how we operate.  As such, He has given us His sufficient counsel to direct us on how to handle the problems of life and to do so in a way that brings glory to Him and benefit to us.

Are you struggling with life?  Has someone broadsided you and now you find yourself broken down on the side of the road?  Is there something that has overtaken you and overwhelmed you? 

We believe we can help you!  Our pastor, Jim Stevanus, is certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors ( and offers himself and other counselors at Fellowship to you in order to help point you back to the victorious path God has planned for you.  Whether you are struggling with family or marital matters, or a personal issue such as depression, anger, anxiety, guilt, worry or forgiveness, we want to offer you the certain hope of God’s Word and the guidance to be an overcomer.

Additional information as well as Frequently Asked Questions can be discovered in our brochure.  Click HERE to read it.

This biblical counseling is provided free of charge to you.  To explore this opportunity, please contact us


Take a step in this direction today and you will never regret it.​

No hopeless situation, 
No helpless person.

*Family Counseling


*Marriage and Relationships

*Child and Teen


*Substance Abuse & Addictions

*Sexual and Physical Abuse

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