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Life is hard. That’s not a shocking statement if you’ve lived more than a few years. It’s especially true if you’ve experienced a deep valley or a dark chapter or a dire situation along the journey. Welcome to Job’s world. One day life was robust and plentiful and the next day, life was completely catastrophic. His experience isn’t what you would wish on anyone – even someone deserving of it – which Job wasn’t! Unfortunately, darkness gets darker when three friends enter his world and increase his suffering through accusations and insults. He reacts by defending his innocence and distinguishing his deeds. Regretfully, he also entered a slippery slope of doubt and distortion of the one true God. It can happen to any of us when hurt and hardship invade our personal space. We shift from the vertical to the horizontal and begin to walk by sight and not by faith. Thankfully, we have a God who does not move, who does not leave, and who does not stop caring. Through it all, Job gains a new perspective, a greater understanding, and most importantly, a deeper relationship with God. So too can you! Don’t miss this fresh, new look at the Book of Job as our God purposes to change us along the path of life for His glory and our gain.

Sunday, April 25th and May 2 will be two part message on Job 32 "How To Speak Rightly"