If the best is last, than this last of the four gospel accounts is worth its weight in gold.  The writer, the beloved Apostle John, supplies a deeply relational narrative that abounds with intimate interactions between the Son of God and a multitude of different individuals with great needs and concerns.  Extending a receptive ear, He connects to their brokenness and ultimately points them to their greatest brokenness - with their Heavenly Father.  This gospel account of highly selective material that sets the Book of John apart from the other three gospels reaches into the most important response necessary for mankind - to believe - that Jesus is the Christ.


Join us for an exciting journey through the Gospel of John as we encounter Jesus as the bread of life, the light of the world, the good shepherd, the way/truth/life, and the true vine.  We shall see Him rescue an adulterous woman, raise a friend from the dead, reach out to a despised foreigner, reason with a doubting Thomas, and restore a denying disciple.  We finish with Him walking out of the tomb on the third day and eating breakfast by the sea with His followers.   It's quite a whirlwind of personal involvement in the lives of people from all walks of life.


The Book of John remains the most read gospel account - for good reason.  He came into this world to change the destinies of humanity even though this world would reject Him.  What great love!  For apart from love, a relationship will never last!

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