It’s not usually good to be last in line, especially when it comes to speeches.  When you are the final person to talk, after everyone else has taken their turn, what you have to say despite its importance will likely miss the ears of the now tuned-out audience.  Welcome to Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament.  By the time these four chapters surface, 925 have already concluded.  And unlike the last book of the New Testament, Revelation, which draws readers with its intense action and imagery, few make the obscure journey to Malachi where they initially encounter a less graphic volume.  

Yet what he has to say is critical.  He shares a desperate message in a desperate time.  The state of Judaism at that moment wasn’t healthy; in fact, it was downright dreadful.  This was the precursor to what would become four hundred years of silence from God as sin reigned.  Ironically, such a time isn’t much different from the days we now live in America where sacred institutions have been redefined, Christian roots ripped away, and the precious sacredness of life discarded.  

The Bible informs us that in the latter days, evil will increase as love of self dominates.  Indeed, darkness will grow darker!  Yet while this was true during Malachi’s day as the followers of God were growing distant to Him, it is sadly too true in our day.  That’s why this last book of the Old Testament is so timely for us now.  The church of Jesus Christ urgently needs to wake up from its lethargic, monotonous spiritual sleep walk.  

Malachi’s guns are blazing as it exposes the insincerity of our offerings, the hypocrisy of our practices, the corruptness of our spiritual leaders, and the fragmentation of our relationships.  All the while, it points us toward the coming of the Lord.  For Malachi’s immediate listeners, it was to the birth of Jesus.  For today’s readers, it’s the return of Jesus and His rule on earth.  
Malachi is a desperate wakeup call to a desperate people!  Don’t miss it!  Christ is coming again.  Are you ready?  Are you living in light of it?  Do you hear the alarm sounding?


09/13/15 Week 1 - Introduction: Urgent, Urgent!

09/20/15 Week 2 - Does He Really Care?

09/27/15 Week 3 - Name Above All Names

10/11/15 Week 4 - How God Measures

10/18/15 Week 5 - Marriage Matters

10/25/15 Week 6 - It's Coming

11/01/15 Week 7 - The Way of Blessing

11/15/15 Week 8 - Is There A Difference?

11/22/15 Week 9 - Unseen Favors

11/29/15 Week 10 - Your Mission


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