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                  The Mission of FBC Missionaries

The most recognizable verse in the Bible provides this global gaze for every follower of Jesus Christ:  "for God so loved the world"  The world is the scope of our ministry which the second Great commandment personalizes with this directive: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself"  Taken together we are to love our neighbors around the world and the most vital way we can do so is with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ  


Such a divine assignment enlists you in God's service to  those immediately around you, but what about those who live in distant lands or even closer to home, where great opportunities abound yet appeart to be greater than you capacity?


Welcome to the role of a missionary, who heeds the call of God and pursues the work of the ministry as a vocation.  Through prayer and financial support by others, he seeks to minister in a certain geographical location and/ or to a segment of people where the impact of the gospel has yet to be fully realized.  Such ministries  of a missionary can be quite varied, from child evangelism to leadership training to language development to campus outreach - all around the world! The possibilities are really almost endless.

At Fellowship, we believe that missions should be the commitment of every believer.   Indeed, we should not delegate the responsibility of ministry to others but actively pursue such a divine privilege wherever God has placed us.  However, we also realize that we can team with missionaries to multiply our efforts both here and far away and together, reach our world for Christ.

Presently, we faithfully support the following missionaries at Fellowship:








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