Nothing is Too Difficult

You’ve broken several bits as you’ve tried to drill through the metal object. As hours pass, you still find yourself shoveling through layers of clay in order to reach the pipe. You’ve tried multiple products and manually snaked the line but your tub still remains clogged. You’ve swung the sledge hammer countless times but the post remains embedded in the concrete.

Some materials are difficult to penetrate. Despite even heavier tools and more powerful drills and sharper blades, progress seems slow and, in fact, you wonder if you’re getting anywhere. Frustration can soon ensue as you contemplate giving up and quitting. It just seems useless.

The human heart has an even more difficult surface to penetrate. This internal monitor of life that situates itself as the inner control center can often harden itself so much that nothing seems to pierce its walls. Whether due to the challenges of life or the trials of the day or the surrounding situations, its resistance increases with multiple layers of security.

Thankfully, God isn’t handcuffed with such a dilemma. The One who raised the dead can bring fresh life into a hardened soul. He who created everything out of nothing can fill what seems so utterly empty. Into the darkness of night He sent forth His only Son and through Christ alone everything changes – even a hopeless heart! He alone enters what is impossible for man!

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