Did you leave the light on?

Just up ahead the traffic cops are directing vehicles around the accident. As the bell sounds and class doors open, hallway monitors seek to maintain the flow of students onto the next period. As you enter the mall, greeters at the welcome center invite your questions and stand ready to point you to the store of your desire. Everywhere around us, signs and signals direct us to the place we need to go.

Why should Christianity be any different? In fact, hasn’t God called His people to be lights in the midst of darkness in order to show forth the way to Him? In a world of lost people, are we not here to share the solution on how they can exit that condition? In a society of unrest and calamity, are we not to point others to the One alone who is our peace?

So how’s that working for you? How’s your directional light operating? Are you glowing green for Jesus as the only way? Are you blinking red for those headed toward destruction? Are you flashing yellow for those seeking to straddle the fence? Actually, is your light even shining?

In a broken, hurting, confused world, God has situated your light in a very specific setting. You are there to shine clarity into the confusion and inject joy into the sorrow. Into the darkest of nights God shines through you to bring hope. How’s your light? Is it even on? Is it pointing the right direction?

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