Bigger is not always better!

It’s been said that you cannot eat an elephant with one bite. Instead, multiple mouthfuls are needed (Assuming you like elephant meat!). Likewise, you cannot flatten a great wall with one swing but instead, brick by brick. That’s also true when it comes to good examples that we seek to pattern our lives after.

Proverbs 31 is an incredible passage that typically flows from the platform in Mother’s Day messages. It’s an incredible portrait, albeit rather overwhelming. Like attempting to take a drink from a fire hydrant, it can leave you drenched from head to toe. If you’re trying to scale that mountain of a passage in one setting, it may be rather intimidating.

On the culinary scene, many people like dessert but ingesting too much dessert can make you sick. A buffet offers many varieties and appeals to many people, but you can walk away bloated from sampling too many selections. So many good choices, but so overwhelming. It can leave you dizzy.

Consider instead the life of a lady named Ruth. She keeps it simple as she models several key qualities for a young woman. Instead of a grocery list, there’s a few post-it notes. Yet what an amazing example she provides for everyone! Sometimes, simplicity is much more appropriate in the moment.

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