Think your hands are tied?

Ground tilled? Check! Seed planted? Check! Fertilizer applied? Check! Water added? Check! You’ve done all you can as you plant your garden for a luscious summer crop of cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, corn, and beans. But one rather vital element still remains – sunshine. And that is entirely out of your control (And depending upon the size of your garden/field, the water may be at the mercy of the clouds).

You’ve tracked profits and losses. You’ve researched histories. You’ve noticed patterns and cycles. You’ve assessed your own portfolio and the risks you’re willing to take. Thinking through a healthy balance of stocks, you click on the box and make the appropriate purchase of shares. One rather large variable in the equation still exists – the volatility of the market, not to mention the whims of the board of directors.

Life is filled with much we control, yet much more that is out of our control. For some, that’s frightening. For some, it’s worrisome. For some, there’s anguish. But for the Christian, it ought to be reassuring that the King of the universe is on His throne and absolutely nothing occurs without His permission. Since He is in control, you can rest in His governorship!

Honestly examine your typical response to the events and situations of life. If worry or fear or anguish spill from you, perhaps a confidence in God is not in you. Check your faith.

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