Help, I'm Drowning

Corduroy is the story about a teddy bear in a department store who’s missing a button. Shoppers past by him but one day, a little girl named Lisa uses the money from her piggy bank to buy him. After taking him home, she sews the missing button on his shoulder strap and showers him with love.

Every day, commercials draw attention to the multitude of homeless animals and their sometimes horrific living conditions. The hope is that compassion will move you to act, either making a donation to the rescue and care of these animals or better, adopting one yourself.

We’re created with emotions and feelings. We respond to the atrocities around us as something within us tugs on our heart strings for the less fortunate. Where does that ultimately source itself? From what does this drive originate?

Would it surprise you to know it’s from God? The One who created us also devised a rescue plan for us. When Adam and Eve sinned, humanity died spiritually. That moment wasn’t a surprise to God. Knowing the choice they would make, He had already devised a better plan – redemption through His Son.

The greatest love story involves a Father who sent His Son to enter the realm of humanity and offer up His life to rescue man. Is this your story? Have you trusted in the lifeline He offers?

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