A Special Delivery

If you’ve ever had a baby, you know how life is never ever the same again. This little child can turn your world upside down. The flexibility you once had before kids vanishes. The peaceful nights disappear. Cleanups increase greatly – at both ends! Questions never cease from these little tots. Yes, children can turn your world upside down.

Yet despite all the earaches and diaper rashes and interrupted sleeps and colicky moments and messy spills and bumps and bruises, what an adventure! Children are a grand blessing from the Lord! They enter your life without an instruction booklet but they exit your life with a heart exposed to the divine instruction book. We grow them up and send them off to impact a world.

Two thousand years ago, one single child born in a manger would eternally impact our existence. He would literally turn this world upside down. Some wanted to kill Him, some wanted to follow Him, some wanted to enthrone Him, some wanted to ignore Him and many would reject Him. Yet He opened His heart and offered up His life on a cross to provide the ultimate and only rescue from sin.

One life changed everything! This one small child would redeem mankind from destruction. Without Him, you’re lost. With Him, you’re found. Which place do you find yourself today? He’s in the “lost and found” business.

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