What's Your Opinion?

What is the forecast for today? How long did the game last? Who knocked at the front door? Where are your parents going for vacation? When do you need to be at work? Multiple times each day – whether at work or at home or out and about – questions abound and answers are supplied. Note to mothers of young children: even more questions bombard you!

Yet merely replying with observable specifics isn’t too challenging. Reporting the facts is supposed to be what the news outlets are paid to do – but don’t always get right. Giving answers to quantifiable questions seems rather straightforward. But everything changes when you’re asked your opinion, your view, and your thoughts.

Now the questions change: What do you think about the weather? Did you enjoy the game? Are your parents traveling on vacation again? Do you like your job? Did someone knock at the front door again? Now the opportunity opens for you to share your viewpoint - something most of us aren't afraid to do.

But one day, you will stand before the King of kings and you will answer the question: Who is Jesus? Your answer will reveal where you spend all eternity. Most will get this question wrong, even if they are sincere. Many will say good things about Him but not believe in Him. And you? What will you say?

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