Take out your tape measure

We tend to practice this multiple times each month. See if you can spot it in these examples:

* Maybe this rash is serious and maybe it could be cancerous and maybe I could be dead tomorrow!

* My friend didn’t say anything about my speech in class today so I’m sure it was bad and I’m sure the whole class thought it was bad and I’m so sure I’m going to fail the school year!

* My child is five minutes late from school and I’m sure that something terrible has happened and that we will never see him again.

What’s your best guess about the periodic practice too many of us engage in? That’s right and even you can make a mountain out of a mole hill. Some of us are experts.

But could it be that the opposite occurs with our view of God? Could it be that instead of making much of Him, we make much of us? When we do, we shrink Him and swell us. Have you reduced God to a mere man and mere man to god-like portion?

It’s temporarily unhealthy to make mountains out of mole hills. But it’s eternally unhealthy to reduce God to the size of man. How big is your God?

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