The Cardboard Sign

Touchdown! And now, they’ll attempt the extra point. The kicker lines up the ball. He steps forward and boots it and – it’s good! As all eyes glance toward the end zone, a certain man holds up the cardboard sign that we still see, even after all these years: JOHN 3:16.

Undoubtedly this verse is one of the, if not the most popular verse in the Bible. Churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike still remain somewhat familiar with this powerful verse of God’s great love and man’s great response. He loved … He sent … you must believe.

The popularity of this verse positions itself in the book that remains the most popular gospel – John. This account of the life of Jesus is vastly different from the other three gospels with regard to content and even with regard to purpose. John presents Jesus as God to the world and invites a response.

Of the four gospels, this one could be subtitled, “Conversations with Christ.” Extremely interpersonal, Jesus interacts with a number of specific individuals and for the most part, minimizes large group settings. Imagine this, that the Son of God Himself talks with humanity.

He did that two thousand years ago and every time you open the Word of God, this One who is the Word talks to you.

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