We're in Trouble!

We like to contribute to worthy endeavors. We like to feel as if we’ve had a part in something good. It’s human nature. So, we give a few dollars to the student selling something at the front door. We volunteer some time at the local food bank. We put flags on our property to honor the veterans. We attend a local rally to encourage our high school sports team.

Conversely, we don’t want to be linked with something that might just be destructive. We choose not to take sides in a divisive family matter. We avoid talking negatively about the eccentric neighbor. We distance ourselves from some friends who are taking some dishonest steps.

Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves and, likewise, who wants to be associated with that which is unpleasant? Human nature yearns to take credit and have a greater outlook about ourselves. It’s who we are and how we roll.

But ponder our eternal condition. Standing before a holy God, we helpless in our sinful condition. No matter how good our works, we’re still unrighteous. We seek a plethora of ways to resolve the dilemma but remain a sinner before a sinless God.

Thanks be to God, who sent His only Son up close and in person to rescue us from death and deliver us to life. In our worse condition, He brought us into His best position. Hallelujah!

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