Where's your costume?

Costume parties are a blast. You dress up as someone else and hide behind the outfit all night. For one evening, you can pretend to be a prince, a pirate, or a president. True, it’s not real life but hey, for a short time anyone can make-believe.

Two thousand years ago, Someone entered this world. He didn’t dress up but dressed down as He gave up the splendor of heaven and embraced the brokenness of earth. Though fully divine, He also became fully human. His name is Jesus.

He came to a stable in Bethlehem not hidden from the public but proclaimed throughout the writings of the Old Testament. He did not arrive veiled in a disguise but as the full disclosure of God Himself in human form. In fact, not only did He come without a costume, He actually arrived naked!

Come to think of it, He also left this earth the same way. He hung on a cross, fully exposed before the multitude. Coming thirty years earlier to the silence of man, now He makes His exit amidst their screams, ridicules, and scorns. From no reception at His birth to full deception at His death, this was the plight of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? The reality of how creation treated its Creator is disturbing. Does not that make the matter of His grace even more impressive?

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