R U a Robot?

Who among us hasn’t found ourselves periodically going through the motions? We drive the same route each day to work? We even joke we could do it with our eyes closed. The tediousness of our job may even tempt us to become robotic.

What about that familiar jingle from a favorite show that we even hum ahead of time? Or what about the routines we engage in daily, from brushing our teeth to combing our hair to washing the dishes to locking the doors? Regularity can make us creatures of habit who don’t even need to engage the brain.

When is the last time you recited “The Pledge of Allegiance” but did so mechanically, without giving any thought to the very words you were mouthing? Has such a declaration, even as important as this one, become trivial and tedious?

Yet there is One whose your allegiance to should never occur apart from the heart. If you declare yourself a follower of the Most High God, He deserves your most high commitment. Going through the motions with Him does not hide your lack of devotion. He sees right through your rituals and formalities.

Today, is it time to recommit your loyalty to Him? In a world of great distraction, is it time to make Him your main attraction? He remains jealous for you; are you jealous for Him?

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