I Disagree!

Ever know someone who simply does not want to see your point of view? Someone who rather enjoys debating and playing the adversarial position? Someone who seems to thrive on striving against others?

You say black, he says white. You say high, he says low. You say more, he says less. You say night, he says day. Don’t you just love those people! Well, maybe not so much. Yet at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter that much.

But to the one who constantly disagrees with the One, that’s a significant problem. We can disagree with others about temporal matters, but to disagree with God about eternal matters isn’t wise. In fact, it’s downright foolish.

And yet every day, most people continue to do their own thing, go their own way, and believe their own ideas, all the while, ignoring what God Himself has so clearly written down for us in the Book of books. The Author of life has given us the answer to life!

Humanity has one major problem with the One, and yet the One came to humanity and offered Himself up on a cross to address that problem. The issue is sin and the solution is the Savior. The gospel changes everything – even that one who rather enjoys being adversarial!

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