We Need You!

They come in all shapes and sizes. From rough and burley to mild and meek. From loud and boisterous to quiet and soft-spoken. From uptight and tense to laid back and relaxed. From authoritative and demanding to permissive and lax. Who are they? Dads, of course.

Once a year we honor all fathers but every day they are the stabilizers of the family as models for sons and protectors of daughters. Dads, you carry a vital responsibility and fulfill an indispensable role in the fabric of society and the well-being of civilization. Do not underestimate the impact of your position!

You are called to lead, whether you feel like it or believe you are equipped to do so. You are called to provide and care for your family, whether you find the pay check ample or lacking. You are called to love, whether you tend to hide your emotions or wear them on your sleeve. Dads, you are called by God!

Thankfully, you have the Heavenly Father to look to and pattern yourselves after. His care, compassion and concern for His children provides a beautiful portrait of what parenting looks like and manifests itself as. And the best part? This same God works in and through you to accomplish this ministry.

Dads, you’re not in this alone. The God of the universe is up close and in person to guide and empower you. Take heart!

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