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“Fire! Fire!” Those two words can spark a panic when they’re shouted in the middle of the night up the stairs of a family home or in the hallways of a college dormitory. That’s not where you want to have a fire – or be suddenly awakened to one. Tragedy and chaos only follow.

And yet, a fire isn’t ever and always a bad thing. Without gas and electricity, how would you cook your food? You wouldn’t! Without batteries and bulbs, how would you find your way in the dark of night? You wouldn’t! Without a heater, how would you warm yourself at a campground on a chilly night? You wouldn’t!

Indeed, fire can become dangerous when it’s handled carelessly and improperly. Something good can actually turn harmful. Something that heats, lights and warms can be detrimental in the wrong hands and with the wrong motive.

Christianity, in a similar vein, can too. How believers live out their beliefs can be a help or a hindrance to society. If we have not love and grace, we will not set the table of truth well. If we have not compassion and understanding, we will bang around like a bull in a china shop.

Christianity is contagious – depending upon how you spread it. Are you exercising wisdom and discernment with it? Or are you careless and carefree? It makes a difference!

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