Masterpieces from Mess-ups

Ever put your energies into something, only to back away hours later and sigh at the mess you’ve made? It’s certainly not how you envisioned it but it clearly is the result that’s evident. Makes you wonder why you ever got out of bed!

We’ve all been there, done that. We started into something that soon got away from us. It became more intricate then we thought and pushed us beyond our skill set. After considerable time at the task, we closed our eyes and walked away in dread, muttering under our breath, “I wish I had never started this!”

Unfortunately, on a larger scale, that’s what humanity has effected around our nation – a track record of messes and mixups that include relational issues, priority choices, financial pursuits, offspring expectations, career valuations, and a whole host of other matters. It’s a hot mess!

Thankfully, God offers the ultimate solution in His Son. The confusion and chaos of this life dissolve in the person of Jesus. He offers peace for hopelessness and delight for despair when men turn to Him. He is the way for humanity to restore what’s been lost and return them to the life He always intended.

Then, guess what? As people impacted by this God-Man, we have the privilege to bring other men to God. The answer to the messes and the mixups is Jesus. Care to share?

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