But God!

We love to see unbelievable things. We stay glued to the television watching some amazing feat. We pay for entrance as a spectator to the championship game to see the greatest team that year. We scan YouTube videos ad nauseum for often insane exploits and harrowing escapades.

It gives us something to talk about the next day at the office or forward to a friend or post on Facebook. It’s the spice of life as our eyes bulge and our blood pressure spikes. We can’t seem to get enough, even if it has nothing to do with us personally and no one we know is involved.

As much credence and attention as we give to these matters, we give so much less to the miracles of the Bible. Whether we feel too far removed from those days or question the authenticity of such events, we yawn at the biblical miracles and turn the page. They just don’t move us!

But they should because God Himself is the source. Unlike man, who is limited despite his incredible exploits, God does the absolutely impossible that no man can do. Who has ever raised someone from the dead, parted the sea, flooded a world or caused the sun to stand still? No one but God.

Next time you run into an unbelievable thing, keep perspective. Man can only do what man can only do. But God!

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