What consumes you?

Idols come in many shapes and sizes. From statutes and monuments to necklaces and trinkets to books and recitations, the list seems endless. Yet when you add in the human factor, the volume increases even more, from actors and athletes to singers and spouses to politicians and parents.

Such a tendency does not escape God. The first commandment isn’t a coincidence: “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3). It tops the charts for a reason. Humanity tends to worship what they see, to worship what feels good, and to worship what benefits them.

Yet, even worshipping God isn’t faultless. He can become an idol due to our approach. If He is only consulted when times are tough, He’s more like a fire alarm. If He is looked to as a fulfiller of wishes, He’s more like a genie. If He is only noticed during a pause in the action, He’s more like a piece of furniture.

Idols are lifeless and powerless. God, however, gives life and exercises all power. Idols take up finite space, but God exists without borders and constraints. Idols cannot understand your struggles, yet God sympathizes with your weaknesses. What an amazing God!

So, be cautious of treating God as an idol. He is alive and He dwells in the lives of His people! That’s pretty personal!

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