A Lack of Vision

Referees and umpires get annoyed at this oft-repeated phrase that’s strongly voiced their direction: “Do you need glasses?” The spectator/participator is annoyed that the call did not go his way; hence, the issuance of disbelief at such a call.

Thankfully, glasses do correct vision. How indebted we are to a set of lenses that enable us to see what we’ve been missing with much greater detail and clarity. What once was fuzzy is now so vivid. A simple pair of spectacles can change everything.

And yet, new specs don’t always address the issue. Though a seeming contradiction from what was just said, glasses may correct this impairment but never a more serious one. Poor eyesight will likely be improved with an actual pair of specs, but another impairment of much greater consequence isn’t touched.

Every person who enters this world does so with a major flaw – blindness. While we see what’s in front of us, we do not see what’s inside of us. While we navigate around this world, we do not see the next world. Sin has wrecked the plan and sent us spiraling out of control and headed toward the judgment of God.

It’s a bleak picture but one that changes completely when we truly see Jesus. His invitation to believe upon Him and receive eternal life clears up our problem and supplies all new sight. It’s a glorious exchange at the intersection of the cross!

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