Where are you headed?

Two cookies are missing from the plate on the counter, even after specific instructions to the kids not to touch them. You gather the little lambs together and when you spot the youngest, there’s a chocolate residue all over his mouth.

You look up and notice water dripping from the ceiling. That’s not supposed to happen. Upon further observation, you hear one of your daughters splashing around in the bathroom tub just above the leak.

Oh to discover solutions so quickly! Not that only kids makes messes, but … Anyway, some things are quite obvious and need little research. They don’t require hours of counsel, days of deliberation, and heart-wrenching choices. Two and two quickly equals four.

But some solutions do pose a challenge, especially those of lasting importance. Where you go when you die is important to many people. Though some deny the existence of an afterlife, finding there is one after life is too late. Hence the urgency that occupies the thoughts of many minds, whether voiced or not.

The gift of eternal life forever remains the greatest present mankind will ever receive. Sadly, some who “believe” they have it may wake up the moment after they die and discover differently. You don’t want to get that destination wrong!

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