Care to Share

“You got a promotion. That’s great!”

“You made the team. How exciting.”

“You got a good report from the doctor.” How encouraging.”

“You start vacation tomorrow. I’m envious!”

Good news lingers around many corners. New titles, restful breaks, passing grades, unexpected windfalls, and reunited relationships bring encouragement to the heart as we journey through the landmines and pitfalls of this land. Let’s face it. There’s seems to be more than enough bad news around, so good news is a welcome relief.

But have we simply settled for just good news? That is, are we looking for good news solely in the horizontal circumstances and situations of life? Are temporal matters of too much concern to us these days and thus, where we look for good news?

The gospel is not just good news, its great news. It has no temporal aspect but entirely sources in the eternal. To experience life from death, healing from brokenness, and acceptance instead of rejection. The gospel impacts everything.

How is the gospel of Jesus Christ infiltrating your conversations? When does the gospel flow from your lips to those around you? Or isn’t it? It’s great news, but only if it’s shared. Care to share?

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