Looking a Little Green?

The color green has some interesting, if not dubious, associations. Apologies ahead of time for those of you who have green eyes or are wearing a green garment or have recently dyed your hair green ☺.

When you remove that two-week-old container from the refrigerator, guess what? It’s covered in green – mold! When the newbie arrives at work, he still isn’t secure in his surroundings as he tries to handle new challenges. He’s still “green.” And after an hour on the choppy seas, the young lady isn’t looking too good. Indeed, she is “green around the gills.”

There’s one other phrase that doesn’t speak highly of the color. To be “green with envy” isn’t a compliment. Indeed, such a title suggests your eyes are fixated on what someone else has or how someone else looks compared to you.

Every day, you face this temptation of envy (or its evil twin, “jealousy”). Instead of learning contentment, you yearn for what isn’t in your reach. You believe that what you don’t presently have will bring you what you’re missing, yet soon discover it still leaves you in the same condition.

The only thing that completely dissolves such a desire is Christ. He is all you need and He is more than enough. He is your all in all. He alone satisfies. He’s the cure to jealousy.

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