Incomparable, yet approachable

Achievements are not always created equal. Being valedictorian of a graduation class of 10 students may not be the same as a class of 1,000. So too, running (and finishing) a 10K race in 100+ degree weather is vastly different from running it in 60 degrees. And scoring 25 points a game versus Division III competition may not parallel doing so against Division I competition.

Indeed, many factors need to be considered when we weigh the validity of personal achievements. Even in our current climate, trophies and certificates seem to flow freely and are not limited to those who finish first but for all who simply participate. Not everything is created equal!

But there forever remains One who resides in a class by Himself. He alone is Creator of the world, Redeemer of humanity, and the King of kings. He is God and none compares to Him. He stands apart from and in contrast to everything else. Idols come and idols go, but He remains the same.

And yet, though He resides in this class of one by Himself, He allows you to approach Him through His Son. Though holy and perfect, you can knock on His door and enter into His presence because of His Son. Touched by our infirmities and listening for our cries, this One in a class by Himself extends Himself to the entire class of humanity. What an amazing God!

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