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We like our deals, don’t we? If there’s some money to be saved or something free to receive, we generally don’t hesitate too long. Indeed, we even buy more than we need or purchase something we don’t even need. That’s how we roll.

Yet when the free gift of eternal life intersects humanity, an array of rejections voice themselves:

I’m a good person.

I’ve not done anything that bad.

Everyone is going to heaven.

I’ll get religious later.

I don’t want to give up some things.

Isn’t it interesting that such incredible good news would be so quickly dismissed? Why is that true? To ultimately embrace the good news, you must first accept the really bad news: All have sinned. That humbling acknowledgement becomes the hurdle. Man does not want to admit he is a sinner and since he won’t, he will not look to a Savior. Pride will keep a heart closed.

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