Don't Be Shocked

Surprise … as you arrive home after a 12-hour shift and 50 people jump out from behind the furniture to wish you Happy Birthday!

Surprise … as your daughter sticks a puppy in your arms and asks, “Can we keep him?”

Surprise … as the police officer flashes his car lights behind you and your blood pressures skyrockets!

Surprises, don’t you just love them? J Well, not always! But they are a natural part of life and for better or for worse, they happen.

One day, a woman at a well encounters Jesus. She really doesn’t “get Him.” What He says to her seems to escape her understanding. His gospel conversation falls flat … or does it?

Actually, she quickly leaves Him and returns to her city, where she tells everyone all that He told her. They believe what she says. You didn’t see that one coming!

His disciples, who continue to follow Jesus, don’t “get Him.” They remain confused. In the irony of ironies, they remain perplexed and this woman at the well gains clarity. Surprise!!

Don’t be surprised one day. Believe on the Lord Jesus today. After you die is too late to respond!

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