Don't Miss It

You glance at your spouse in the passenger’s seat and she appears to be in some state of shock. Unbeknownst to you, the traffic light you just buzzed through was red!

You show up for the party of your friend and one of the first things you ask: “So, how old are you?” Your friend points to the half dozen posters on the wall that read, “Happy 30th!”

Your sobbing, little boy runs to you, bringing his miniature new Hot Wheels car to you with the tire broken off and you ask, “What’s wrong, son?”

Where is Captain Obvious when you need him? Every day, we miss some rather apparent details and thus make some rather unwise decisions and ask some foolish questions. Perhaps it’s human nature. Likely, it’s human stupidity. We messed up – big time!

Thankfully, most matters we overlook are temporary and don’t saddle us with long-term consequences. Some can be soon corrected and some will eventually run their course, but when it comes to eternal life and our relationship with Jesus Christ, you really don’t want to miss that one!

If you miss the Messiah, you have big trouble. A life of separation from God awaits you for all eternity. Don’t get that one wrong! The results are devastating.

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