Don't wish for the easy life!

Paper cuts, split ends, stubbed toes, and a tickle in the throat annoy but soon pass. Yet when weightier matters press in and hills morph to mountains, such dark and dismal chapters of life can overwhelm. If we could escape for a season or head for a hideaway, we’d likely yield to the temptation. We only wish such an unpleasant time would quickly pass.

Human nature longs for only good times. We desire to “eat, drink and be merry” every day. People seek to flee from the ugly twin sister of hardship and headache. We want to cruise down the highway of life at our own speed without any obstacles along the way.

However, that isn’t the life God intends for you. Adversity and struggle become the training ground for faith, dependence and trust to develop. Pitfalls and potholes introduce teachable moments into the busyness of lives. Difficulties below foster sensitivity to the One above.

The completing, sanctifying, and purging work of God does not take a shortcut. Neither does it take the path of least resistance. The all-wise God allows and even brings complex circumstances and even complicating people into our comfort zone to expose what rules us and awaken us to change.

We’re a work in progress that God isn’t quite finished crafting. Trust Him!

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