Stop bossing me around!

It surfaces from all walks of life:

Why do you get to tell me what to do as a child?

I don’t want to be a doormat for my husband!

My boss doesn’t respect me so why should I respect him?

Our government is corrupt so why do I have to pay taxes?

That teacher just loves to grade students harshly!

Authority exists for our safety, security and stability. And yet, we often like to push back on those walls and exert our own independence. After all, who wants to be second?

Imagine God the Father and God the Son having similar thoughts. “You lord it over Me! I’m just a Son to you. Oh yeah, why do I have to be your Father? I wish I had a more obedient Son!”

Preposterous, right? Only perfect harmony and dialogue exist between the Father and the Son. They exemplify for us what unity looks like. We could certainly learn more than a few things from the hierarchy that exists between deity and yet the love that pours forth from their relationship.

Care to look at your authority structures a little more closely – and differently? God purposely inserted them! They may be humanly imperfect but they’re perfectly positioned. Trust Him.

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