It's Your Fault

Imagine (and you really will have to!) that the donut says to the baker: “I don’t like the glaze you coated me with? I also don’t like the filling you squeezed in me. And furthermore, I don’t like my shape. Can’t you have made me a little leaner?”

Crazy, isn’t it? What’s crazier would be for the baker to reply to the donut with these words: “I’m sorry you feel that way. I should have been more sensitive to your feelings. After all, you know yourself better than I do. Let’s start from scratch and you can tell me exactly how you want this to go down!”

Such a preposterous example happens every day many times over as creation says to its Creator, “You made a mistake. You messed up. You got it wrong.” Whether they make those remarks after looking in the mirror or after looking at someone else’s frame, they voice their displeasure to God.

God doesn’t owe us an explanation. Not only is everything He does perfect, He is answerable to no one. He is God and there is no one beside Him. And yet, in answer to our outrageous demand, He gave us witnesses to His excellence. Messengers and the Message have come testifying of His flawlessness. A perfect God has not made His first mistake with you.

Where do you currently find yourself? Are you overflowing with complaints or thanks? Perhaps the scene of the donut talking back to the baker isn’t so much a stretch as you might think!

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