Which one is yours?

Trees come in all shapes and sizes and serve a number of purposes. While extremely helpful in cleaning the air, they bring forth fruit on their branches for man’s enjoyment as well as shade from the blistering sun and a hideaway for the adventurous one.

But contrary to Disney, a tree is not human. Yes, it is alive but it does not talk, it does not walk, and it does not think. The tree just hangs around and “minds” its own business, enduring the seasons year after year.

There is, however, one tree that is human. Not to contradict what was just stated, but there exists a certain tree that indeed does have life and does indeed breathe and does indeed have abundant thoughts. It’s the family tree and we all have one. For better or for worse, your lineage includes some stellar stars as well as some shady characters hanging in the limbs.

Yet one tree sets itself apart from all the others. The tree of Jesus remains the one we most ought to examine, embrace and cherish. Amazingly, such an incredible tree isn’t untouchable. And despite your family history, you can connect with His tree through His death, burial and resurrection. Of all the trees, His is the one you really want to find yourself in.

It’s almost Christmas. Do you have your Christmas tree? More importantly, do you trace your roots to this first Christmas tree?

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