The Ultimate Cost

You step toward the counter, order your food, and pay a tax for dining in – even if you carry your own food to the table. You drive up to the gas station, insert the hose into your tank, finish your transaction and upon paying for your fuel, a highway tax is included in the final price.

Indeed, there’s a cost of doing business! It’s part of living in America where nothing’s free. You can’t even get water free of charge at the football stadium. You have to pay for the cup! Indeed, everything seems to come with a price.

Christmas is no different. All those gifts you bought and all the gifts you receive cost something and someone has to pay for them. As blissful the time of the season, the brutal reality hits when the payment is due – usually on your credit card statement in the middle of January!

The real gift of Christmas also comes with a price – the ultimate price. The Son of God forfeits much in order to leave heaven and arrive on earth. While we receive everything, at no cost, He offers up everything, at all cost. It’s the gift that changes everything – for us and for Him!

This Christmas, ponder anew the great sacrifice Jesus made to arrive here, to endure here, and ultimately to exit here. This He did to bring you Christmas!

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