Who Are You?

You show up at your workplace and in order to enter the building, you must scan your employee badge.

You hand your credit card to the cashier to pay for your purchase, but she also asks for your driver’s license.

You turn on your cell phone, but to unlock it you must enter a passcode or a thumbprint.

At multiple junctures along the way, you need to identify yourself. It’s the avenue through which we verify who we are which grants the other party a measure of security or certainty.

On a human level, there exist many descriptors to distinguish you. On the domestic side, you may be a parent or spouse or sibling. On the temperament side, you may be an introvert or an extrovert. On the physical side, you may be tall or short, wider or thinner. And on the economic side, you may be upper, middle or lower income.

Yet aside from all such identifiers, only one truly matters at the end of your life. When you die one day, you will stand before God and this one identifier will determine where you will live eternally. You really don’t want to get this one wrong!

How do you identify yourself before God? More importantly, how does He see you? It’s a matter of eternal significance.

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