Another Way to Heaven

You’re short a few sheets of drywall? That’s okay. I’ll run down to the hardware store and load up the truck.

You’re out of sugar for making this cake? I’ll drive over to the grocery store and buy some.

I’m almost out of gas. I’m sure glad there’s a gas station at the next exit.

Truth is, along the journey there are always ample supplies to make up for anything you’re lacking. Just flash the cash or swipe the card, and off you go with what you need.

While that usually works quite well in the day to day activities of this life, such an approach fails when it comes to securing a place in the next life. Cash and credit are not the answer.

Not surprisingly, many have self-erected a ladder that leans against heaven and rests on earth. Day by day and year after year, our good works inch us a rung closer to paradise so at the end of this life, we’re “worthy” of heaven.

Pitfalls abound with that thinking, foremost of which is this: You do not find it in the Bible. What you do discover is this humbling description of our works: “All our righteousnesses are like filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6). Our works will never secure us a place in heaven, but His will work will. What are you trusting?

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