Focus In!

Talk about impossibilities:

What if pigs fly?

What if the moon is blue?

What if man evolves?

What if they discover the fountain of youth?

What if desserts were healthy? J

As totally unlikely as such scenarios are, man has a tendency to entertain “what ifs” in his thinking, “what ifs” which torpedo his perspective and intensify his overthinking. Seldom is the result healthy!

When it comes to eternal life and salvation in Christ Jesus, there need be no “what ifs.” He paid it all. He took the entire penalty. He offered up His whole body. He forgives for all sin. His blood covers it all. He redeems completely. He saves eternally. He will return again. He has defeated Satan. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

And yet, man continues to speculate, hesitate and procrastinate about this eternal matter. Today, cast aside any remaining “what if” and place your complete trust in the “I Am.” There is salvation in no other name but His. Believe on the Lord Jesus!

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