I think...

He probably lives in a messy apartment.

They must have a lot of money.

Those policemen have nothing better to do than give out speeding tickets.

She probably thinks she’s prettier than us.

We make “judgment calls” every day about people, ideas, products, companies, schools, programs, etc. We may be wrong (occasionally J), yet not really face too many harmful consequences, especially if they’re simply our thoughts.

Similarly, we also make “judgment calls” about spiritual matters.

The Bible has errors.

God is a merciless tyrant.

Jesus was a good teacher.

Hell is on earth.

Unlike our opinions about physical matters, our opinions about spiritual matters have greater consequences. If we get it wrong here, the impact isn’t just for a day or year, it’s for eternity.

Make sure your viewpoints agree with Scripture. Only the Bible has the backing of an infallible God.

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