Check your vision

No one is immune to myopic vision. When you rely on your own wisdom and understanding, this might be said about you:

You look at life through rose-colored glasses.

Your view is so slanted.

Why are you so narrow-minded in your thinking?

Perhaps there’s more than your “one right way” to do it!

Such “tunnel vision” leads you to see life only through your own personal lens while ignoring another viewpoint or gaze. After all, you’re right so why do you need another “pair of eyes”?

That dilemma may find you in temporary difficulty, but when it comes to spiritual perception, having a skewed view will leave you in perpetual trouble. You really don’t want to get it wrong when it pertains to where you will spend eternity.

Mankind has its share of views about the Bible, God and the afterlife. Most such ideas flow from the opinions heard during a talk show or read in a checkout aisle magazine or scanned from a Facebook post. Relying on what others think or say or believe about such spiritual matters is dangerous.

Why not check out the source and lean into the Scriptures for yourself? The “holy writings” can handle any question you have!

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