Gaining What Matters

Demonstrative, deafening, sweeping statements flow from all corners of our land: “The Pittsburgh Steelers are America’s team. No one does it better than Ford. McDonald’s has the most delicious fries. The Washington Post is the best newspaper. CBS has the #1 nighttime programming.

However accurate (or inaccurate) such superlatives, do know that anything infected by man lacks perfection. The moment you introduce humanity to the equation, you also introduce error and mistakes. Sorry, it simply comes with the earth suit.

Yet One alone stands alone. He is incomparable, unparalleled and unsurpassed. There stands no one beside Him because there is no one besides Him. He is our great God and glorious Redeemer. He is the Captain of our salvation. He is the Lord of lords and the Governor of governors.

Why settle for substitutes when you can have the real thing – a relationship of eternal proportion with this one and only God? Why live another day apart from Him when you can live every day with Him? And why continue to look for meaning in life when He offers you complete acceptance?

Agree with the Apostle Paul today: “I count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord” (Phil. 3:8). He gained Christ and with that, he really gained what matters!

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