It's Not a Game!

Children love amusements (with this added bonus to parents: It gives you a break J). What kid doesn’t enjoy a fun game of “Hide and seek”? One child counts to 10 or 20, and the other children run to find a place of cover. Sometimes the hiding places are too good and the seeker cannot find them, so he gives up. But it’s all fun and games!

Kids then grow up and become adults, yet we still continue to play the game. Instead of solving problems in marriage, we run from them or avoid them. Instead of confronting a friend about his addiction, we avoid him or allow him to hide it. And instead of dealing with a life dominating sin like fear or worry, we hide behind the deception that it will get better – on its own.

Did you know that two thousand years ago, God joined in the game? He sent His Son to seek and to save those hiding in darkness and lost in sin. Though sadly comfortable in their own quicksand, He sent a Redeemer to rescue the perishing. But for God, this was not a game. The cost was real – the death of His only Son!

Are you still hiding from the Seeker? Do you still remain in your sin? Accept the lifeline from God today and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. And if you already have, who are you seeking to find with the gospel? It’s no game. Eternity is at stake!

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