What do your words say?

We all do it! Whether it’s too little or too much, whether it’s in our sleep or out of place, whether it’s mumbled or meticulous, under our breath or quite boisterous, we all TALK! After all, God did “speak” creation into existence and then He created us with mouths and lips – to obviously do something with!

What you do with your words matters. Your words can soar or sink others. They can inspire or deflate those around you. They impart instruction or destruction. Your speech has zero neutrality. It will accomplish something.

Every time you open your mouth, what comes out reveals what lives in. From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). Your words expose your inner attitude and disclose the depth of your beliefs. If your faith is shaky, guess what condition the language spilling from your mouth will be?

As sure as everyone talks, so too, everyone counsels. The moment you speak, you are sharing opinions, insight and judgments. Whether during an informal conversation or a planned meeting, your words impact the hurting, discouraged, immature, naïve, wayward, and confused around you.

So, which direction do you point others? What source of counsel do you evidence? Is the Bible the basis of your counsel to others? If not, there’s only one other source – the world!

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