Single No More

Everyone struggles to varying degrees with loneliness. The husband whose wife has recently passed away. The teenager’s first day of school after moving in from another state. The little girl whose daddy continually travels for his job. The aged woman who lives by herself and never married.

But beyond the overt situations of life exist some which are covert. Surrounded by friends but feeling as if no one really understands you. Successful and secure in your company, but devoid of any significant relationships with any coworkers. Outwardly seemingly handling life but inside, knowing that a dark secret daily drags you down.

Into this loneliness one day steps a Man. He isn’t just any man, for He is the Son of Man. Though He Himself experiences loneliness since He left His Father and those currently close by don’t seem to understand Him, He understands you. He “gets” you! He knows your deepest longings and your greatest fears. Unlike the conditional love that flows around you, His is so different. He accepts you as you are.

After three days alone in a grave, Jesus stepped right out of that tomb and desires to step right into your life. When He does, everything changes. And remember that loneliness? He promises to never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Yes indeed, He promises to stay with you – all the way!

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