Be Different!

Moving with the crowd isn’t difficult, especially when you consider the alternative. Going with the flow reduces the hindrances and obstacles and allows you to occasionally hit the autopilot switch as you disengage mind and mimic the motions of those around you.

Such a popular, unrestricted trajectory truly is the path of least resistance. You can say what everyone else says, do what everyone else does, and believe what everyone else believes. Oh how fun, to be just like the crowd and have no opinion, no voice, no vote, no ...

Wait a minute! That really doesn’t sound so terrific after all. Who wants to be a nobody? Who wants to be just another crayon in the box? Isn’t there more to life than simply imitating the world around you and living like the mass of humanity pressed up against you?

Indeed there is and it begins with a new life – one in Christ. Instead of following this world, you can follow the King of an altogether different kingdom and live with an altogether different purpose and life and destiny. Instead of uncertainty and despair, you can have confidence and hope.

Why simply migrate with the multitude? The crowd may be wrong and when it comes to eternity, they are completely wrong!

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