Check the Footprints

Lying on the inner tube as you ride the wave of the ocean to the shore.

Running on the trails with the wind at your back as it helps push you along.

Riding your bike downhill as you stop pedaling and enjoy the break.

Agreeing with the opinions of those around you concerning the political landscape

Going with the flow isn’t so hard; in fact, it’s rather quite inviting. You climb aboard the conveyor belt and coast along with everyone else. It doesn’t take much energy as you merge with the masses.

But could it be that sometimes, the direction the group is going is wrong? Could it be that the crowd you’re hanging with might be mistaken? Could your mind and heart actually be on autopilot?

Be careful your default does not parallel those around you. As a believer, this world truly does not embrace your view of life. Despite the mask they may wear, they worship a different god.

Jesus ministered to the crowds and yet the attitudes of the crowd differed significantly with His. Engage with the crowd but don’t walk with the crowd. Their footsteps are not His footprints.

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