Keep Perspective

A paper cut. Bird do-do on your windshield. Heavy traffic on the commute home. Spilled coffee on your shirt. Loud music from the neighbor next door. The wrong order brought to you by the server. Rainy days on your vacation. A scratch on your car. Misplacing your car keys.

Such are the frustrations of life that can really rather irritate. Any one of a hundred annoyances can send a promising day quickly down the tubes. Even if 95% of the past twenty-four hours was grand, the remaining 5% leaves a bad taste.

It’s easy to lose perspective when life really isn’t so difficult. But imagine awakening every day to a death threat. Envision a daily deluge of ridicule and rejection. Picture continual confusion from your closest acquaintances. Ponder siblings who doubt you.

Welcome to Jesus’ world where every day overflowed with inconvenience and discomfort. To say His life was difficult is quite the understatement. And yet, He endured with joy what was set before Him so you could, by following His footsteps, live the abundant life. He took all the cruelty this world could vent in order to rescue you from its wrath.

When you begin to lose perspective, let the Word of God renew your balance. While moments may be a challenge, remember the victory line is just ahead – and the Savior awaits your finish.

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